We brought down the lights, the furniture, our website and even social networks. After all… uppOut was closing!

But we never imagined the prank would be so effective. Between all the calls, texts and emails, we had a rough couple of days.

  • “Are you really closing?”;
  • “How come? We are in the middle of a project!”;
  • “What happened? You were doing great!”


We were. We are!

We did it to share an April Fools’ laugh and we ended up bringing calamity. And to some extent, it worked just as expected…

What was the point?
Everything can change overnight. No one knows what tomorrow brings. We need to act upon it with attitude, willingness and drive. What works and brings comfort today, can be your downfall tomorrow. So be quick, sharp and disruptive. Don’t just think. Act!

What it ended up doing:

  • uppOut closed 3 pending business projects
    • Some of our clients called us as soon as they got the email. They were shocked. Then relieved. Then they laugh and closed the deals.

We like to think we’re setting a fine example of self-marketing!
Always remember, if we ever really close, you won’t find out through social media or emailing. I’ll give you a call and thank you personally for everything we built together.

uppOut is open, alive and stronger than ever.

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Best regards,