We could say that the world changed and thats why we made such an inverted ad, but the truth is: we have changed the world and here we have other rules.


Beyond that, in case you apply and  successfully pass through the interview, we are going to present you our portfolio and an idea to your company.

Strange, isn’t it? Strange is the fact that you haven’t  applied yet…


  • All business sectors;
{ Profissional Experience Required }
We are looking for clients that are already established in the market longer than 3 years.
In the case your company is younger, we are going to accept only if we verify an astronomical growth – yes, I am just kidding with the fact we are not in Earth. In Mars to be precise.
{ Profile}
Must have:
  • Minimum revenue of 2 million (exceptions are accepted);
  • Will to conquer the world;

Nice To Have

  • Net income after tax;
  • International experience;
  • Willingness to take the Elon Musk’s tesla that is in space to Mars;

{ What we offer }
Development of Extraterrestrial Relations;
Special price on intergalactic trips;

{ Hobbies }
The art to pay in 30 days.

{ Send Applications to: }

things we do: