uppOut quintupled Kapten’s sales in Porto.

Kapten challenged uppOut to conquer Porto city.

And they chose well. We designed, developed and implemented a campaign targeted to Porto’s people and we worked with a well-known influencer from Porto. We are talking about the humorist Alexandre Santos.

We already had the actor but it was missing the story. The stories. We wrote 3 scripts for his mythical character “O guna” and we used humor to catch people’s attention in order to pass on the 3 selling points of Kapten:

  • The best price on the market;
  • The best drivers;
  • Loyalty program that gives free travels;

The videos were a huge success at the first hours. Hundreds of thousands of views, thousands of likes, thousands of storys shares and very positive comments.

We also developed a radio spot featuring “Guna” and also an OOH campaign with a visual composition inspired by internet memes. Yes, we did meme-shaped billboards and launched the challenge for Porto’s people to share a photo in “Guna” mode alongside these mupi and billboards. The result? Hundreds of organic shares on social networks.

But this is not it. We can guarantee a few surprises over the next month.