WHAT THE ****, Kapten has the cheapest prices in Porto. If it’s Kapten, come on in!


uppOut quintupled Kapten’s sales in Porto.

Kapten challenged uppOut to conquer Porto city.

And they chose well. We designed, developed and implemented a campaign targeted to Porto’s people and we worked with a well-known influencer from Porto. We are talking about the humorist Alexandre Santos.

We already had the actor but it was missing the story. The stories. We wrote 3 scripts for his mythical character “O guna” and we used humor to catch people’s attention in order to pass on the 3 selling points of Kapten:

  • The best price on the market;
  • The best drivers;
  • Loyalty program that gives free travels;

The videos were a huge success at the first hours. Hundreds of thousands of views, thousands of likes, thousands of storys shares and very positive comments.

We also developed a radio spot featuring “Guna” and also an OOH campaign with a visual composition inspired by internet memes. Yes, we did meme-shaped billboards and launched the challenge for Porto’s people to share a photo in “Guna” mode alongside these mupi and billboards. The result? Hundreds of organic shares on social networks.

But this is not it. We can guarantee a few surprises over the next month.




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