Paranix, the leading brand in Portugal and Europe, launched this Monday its new social media strategy, which aims to be a case study in the pharmaceutical industry.

“With the constant information that is communicated daily, it is increasingly common for consumers to be dispersed in the digital world. Therefore, our strategy is to communicate in an educational but humorous way, the advantages of our product, as well as the biggest myths related to lice. ”Words by Joana Craveiro, responsible for Paranix brand.


A less pleasant but important curiosity that you should know about the dimension of this pest is that lice can multiply 300 times within a month.

This new strategy was unveiled with Web Summit-related content, “This idea will not get out of your mind!”. Joana says, “Our hair is the largest startup incubator, we have to communicate ideas that stays in consumer’s head.

Speaking of openings, the new phase of brand communication brought the debut of your Instagram page. “And we have planned a well-defined strategy to implement this year,” Joana tells us at the end: “We want people to check our brand channels every day, that’s our biggest ambition. Brands must now be people-facing and our strategy is outlined for that purpose. Stay alert, there are a lot of news coming soon. ”

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uppOut now manages the new Paranix content account and we will develop many activations.