uppOut already speaks Japanese!


In addition to speaking Japanese, we are also the company responsible for implementing Fujitsu’s worldwide strategy at Web Summit.

We embraced this project and worked hours a few to make sure everything went well.

Fujitsu has a co-creation program which is based on organizations’ problems and finding their solutions, always focusing on human being, because companies are made by people.

Fujitsu’s presence at Web Summit has a content strategy which we are revealing the company’s concept in real time. We have also an interactive action which people are able to share business challenges at a digital platform and introduce comments with solutions.

Furthermore we had some activities as Live Sketching Sessions and cocktails at Myriad Hotel that provided an exchange of ideas and a Co-Creation moment (identifying problems and solutions).

If this project was challenging for us, it was also for Fujitsu. We worked together to make sure everything went well. The time was short but we were able to respond to the briefing request. We planned and executed a strategy that involved the idea of an omicanal concept, a content strategy related to co-creation and startups, a digital platform for people interaction, a booth with workshops in real time, cocktails, dynamics with live sketching sessions and much more.


“uppOut is a people-to-people company and that is why I had such a pleasure to work with Fujitsu and in particularly with Susana Soares – Southern Europe Marketing Director at FUJITSU. It has been a constant learning. This was undoubtedly the most challenging stakeholder project I have had so far. I am grateful for all the support and sureness.” Words from Sara Bento, uppOut marketing collaborator and responsible for managing the entire project.





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