uppOut not only went to Web Summit for the third time but also took within its characteristic component, the Toilet! This year we decided to give some color to our Toilet and we turned it gold because #TurningIdeasIntoGold is the best way of representing uppOut at Europe’s major technology conference.

It’s not a secret that most people use their phone in the toilet. But why? Nowadays people are always busy and they do not have time for anything so they take every moment they can to be aware of everything that happens on the internet. Besides it’s also a good time for reflection.

And there is no need to be ashamed for using the phone when you’re in the toilet, uppOut activation is about that. We attend to places that bring a lot of people, almost 24 hours a day, where everyone can sit in the toilet and take a picture. Because it’s different and something no one is expecting to see on the street, our toilet is very successful and thousands of photos are taken every day by people from all over.

It is a simple activation but brings a lot of buzz which is what we pretend – to reach a lot of people with few resources. We choose to invest less but often. Brands have to be always communicating to get to consumers’ heads. In addition to the toilet we also have stickers with the well-known ‘poop’ emoji.

uppOut group positions itself as a group that states “At the end of the day a good story only exists if it has good numbers”. And fortunately these numbers have been growing and we have grown with them. Our activation at Web Summit was a success again, which shows that the toilet, even after 3 years, always innovative, with a simple color makes all the difference.

Many influential people became a fan of the toilet. However, we are proud to have “Stolen” the date from the much loved and famous Brittany Kaiser of Cambridge Analytica.


What do we do in the toilet? #WeDoSomeCreativeShit.