Bayer Portugal explored the idea of skin as the largest and most exposed organ of human beings. They developed a new communication mood for Bepanthene® Eczema: “Love can be felt in the Skin”.

Rita Lobão Serejo, Bepanthene® Portugal Brand Manager, became so involved on this campaign that she was a part of activation video to raise awareness of eczema symptoms.

“Sometimes we cannot control discomfort and itching and we don’t really understand why. The symptoms of atopic skin are difficult to identify and alleviate. With this new campaign, we want to show that it is possible to have quick and immediate relief of atopic skin symptoms, or eczema. ”

“It was curious to see people’s reaction when they got close to their cars and noticed the spots – which were really little magnets simulating skin damage. Suddenly we were talking about a serious subject, in a playful and understanding way to those who are listening to us. “We asked people if they treated the car as well as they treated their skin and the reactions were amazing,” Rita Lobão Serejo shared.

What looked like an “atopic” day for these cars was quickly resolved with the participation of promoters who removed car stains and offered Bepanthene® Eczema samples to their owners, while explaining quickly and clearly that it is possible to relieve symptoms of atopic skin quickly with Bepanthene® Eczema.

The saga “Love can be felt in the Skin” promises to continue to amaze. Other activations will soon be on and it will continue to associate the exposure of our material goods with our skin.

Bepanthene® Eczema Itching and redness relief associated with skin irritation. Without cortisone. Do not use it in case of injury or allergy to the product. Read the instructions. Medical device.