On the day many demonstrate that creativity is copy paste and differ in price. It is good to dispose stock but will it be advantageous? Are we addicting consumer in pricing? In Portugal we already started having Black Month, Black Week – it’s not just a day. For next year maybe someone will remember to invent the “Black Year”.
Richard Branson said “I buy any company that makes profit but has a bad service,” because if you have a bad service we can focus on the service in order to improve sales.
So this year on Black Friday uppOut launches the campaign: “Don’t buy us on Black Friday”.
Together we can reduce our ecological footprint.

We spend all year worrying about the environment and one day we just say: “consume everything”
This Black Friday, we will not accept any projects. We work year-round to focus on quality rather than quantity.
Especially because no one can understand: if brands make discounts of 70%, then how much do they earn with consumers throughout the year? Are these discounts real?

Keep in mind that pricing strategy can damage customer loyalty / retention. We have to be bold and set strategies in short term. Because if we all prioritize the price, what is missing? The quality service.

To all those who on “Black Friday” are packing boxes, at POS’s, making trips…. To all those who receive minimum wages for their enormous efforts and who try their best to minimize tiredness. OUR THANK YOU VERY MUCH.